Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tips beautiful from Kate Middleton

Decrease cholesterol easily

Did you know that by decreasing cholesterol levels by 1 percent can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by 2 percent? Here are some tips to reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the blood.

1. Set a target
If you get into the high-risk group for cardiovascular disease (family history, hypertension, obesity, and smoking), doctors usually targets the reduction of bad cholesterol (LDL) below 70.

For those who are in the moderate risk group, reduction in LDL levels 130 is considered good. If you are lucky to be in low-risk group, the target LDL below 160.

2. sport
Not only lowers LDL cholesterol levels, physical activity done regularly can increase good cholesterol (HDL) to 10 percent. According to research by experts, the key is to exercise regularly.

3. Avoiding trans fats
Old theory says that the way to reduce cholesterol is to stop eating eggs and other foods that contain high cholesterol. However, it is now increasingly clear that the main culprit is saturated fat.

4. Eat more fiber
Cereal seeds intact, vegetables and fruits, are the best source of antioxidants that are good for the heart, and also lowers cholesterol. The water-soluble fiber is believed to be more effective in lowering cholesterol levels because the fiber is like a sponge that can absorb cholesterol in penernaan channel.

5. High consumption of fish
There is much scientific evidence showing the benefits of eating fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids. American Heart Association merekommendasikan eat fish and fish oil supplements as a source of omega-3 good for the heart.

6. Consumption of green tea
Research in animals and humans suggest green tea contains substances that can lower bad cholesterol.

7. Cholesterol-lowering drugs
In selecting a lipid-lowering drugs, consider the ability of these drugs in lowering bad cholesterol, triglycerides and increase good cholesterol. Consider also the side effects of drugs and the price factor for fat-lowering drugs usually must be used in the long run.

8. stop smoking
Smokers usually have very little good cholesterol.

Reduce the risk of stroke with olive oil

Olive oil

Senior citizens who use olive oil in cooking and salads are less likely to experience a stroke, according to new research.

In a study that followed the French senior citizens over the past five years, researchers found that those who regularly use olive oil, the odds of stroke decreased 41% compared to never use it.

The findings reported in the journal Neurology, suggests a relationship between olive oil and heart disease which may extend also to a stroke.

Olive oil is the main content of the Mediterranean diet. A number of clinical trials confirms that a diet that helps control the risk factors for heart disease, such as high blood pressure, abdominal obesity and increased risk of cholesterol / LDL.

Intake of high amounts of olive oil is also associated with a decreased risk of heart attacks and life expectancy is longer in survivors of cardiac arrest.

These latest findings support the general suggestion to replace the bad fats, like saturated fat and trans fat, with olive oil and unsaturated fat, according to experts not involved in the study.

"We must remember that these observational studies alone," said Dr.. Nikolaos Scarmeas, a neurologist at Columbia University Medical Center, New York who wrote an editorial published with the study.

The study found a correlation between people who consume olive oil and the risk of stroke, he said as reported by Reuters Health, but it can not be directly translated into the causes and effects.

The study, led by Cecilia Samieri involving 7625 adults aged 65 years and older to monitor diet and lifestyle. Participants who use olive oil is considered as a 'user-intensive'.

Monitored for 5 years after researchers found people who regularly use olive oil has 41 percent lower risk of stroke than people who never use olive oil.

Olive oil is known to contain unsaturated fats are better for the body and health. This oil has a distinctive aroma that comes from olives pressed by using a variety of ways.

Health Tips from Hollywood Celebrities

Keeping your body and appearance have been 'fixed price' for top Hollywood celebrities. Various ways they do so always appear attractive. Of course not solely rely on plastic surgery, because there are many celebrities who claim to live healthy in order to maintain fitness.

1. Gwyneth Paltrow
 To maintain body shape, mother of one was always eating fish. The most common type of fish consumed was swordfish (swordfish). According to the wife of Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin, the calories in fish is very low.

2. Kate Winslet

Oatmeal cookies a mainstay star of 'Titanic' was. In addition to limiting the food she always had breakfast with cakes made ​​from whole wheat is equipped with two slices of fresh cucumber.

3. Jennifer Love Hewitt
Of various dietary patterns, singer Jennifer Love Hewitt seemed to embrace the teachings of food combining. Beautiful woman who also had a role in action movie 'Tuxedo' is always eating the potatoes first before devouring their flesh. He believes so his body will digest food better.

4. Demi Moore

Despite over 40 years, Demi Moore still looks sexy. Diet secrets of the stars 'Ghost' is to avoid snacking, by chewing the three bowls of snacks full of fiber so fast his stomach full.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The computer screen can cause eye damage

Watch out too long in front of a computer screen affects the eye health.

 For you who work in the office, might have heard that name computer eye strain. This condition is a medical complaints most frequently filed by office workers.

Eye strain or could be construed as an eye sore or tired eyes, occurs when the eye is too forced to look only one direction in a long time. Eye strain can occur anywhere, eg on the road when driving long distances, at home when watching a movie marathon, or in bed while holding a good novel that you can not stop reading it.

However, the most common trigger in front of eye strain is a computer screen. Sometimes you do not realize've worked so long at the computer and did not realize your eyes are very tired.